Sitting by my luxury swimming pool, enjoying my fresh, imported lemonade and the cool imported breeze, taking in all that this summertime paradise has to offer—is what I should be saying!!!

Instead, I’m poring over my cryptic spreadsheets and sales reports and what-not, and it looks like some of you people don’t read #ebooks in 200% humidity! Unbelievable!

Looking to re-invigorate sales for a strong finish to the business year. When is that, anyway?




2 thoughts on “Check-In📊”

  1. i dont have a kindle because i’m afraid it’ll be obsolete in the apocalypse. is there going to be a print edition any time soon?


    1. Can’t argue with that logic! A print edition is certainly the goal, but I’m awaiting offers from publishers. And waiting. And waiting. I’m starting to explore a print-on-demand system but have not nailed anything down. Thanks!


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