One day the sun is going to blow up. Even the #libertarian candidate guy says so, so you know it’s a-comin’!

Why do anything at all? Why do it? The friggin’ sun is going to blow up!

It’s the perfect excuse!

I dropped like half this spaghetti on the floor by the stove but hey—have a seat and dig in! 

Let me tell you something.

I’ll admit it. I struggled to govern the great State of Utah or New Mexico or whatever, and a lot of folks on both sides of the alley have no problem explaining their policy and personality problems with my administration to me, but tell me, is there still a great State of whichever it was?

Yeah. Most of it is still there.

I think for a guy that knew the sun was going to blow up I did a pretty good job. Just imagine the tremendous pressure an impending catastrophic solar event placed on a governor guy like me. 

Try to imagine. 

Well, don’t try too hard, because is anything worth that much effort given what we know???

Just have some spaghetti and carry on.


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