It seems that people are intent on sending other people to Mars. 

Okay, here we go.

It is quiet on the spaceship tonight. Finally.

Except for the rats who sound like they’re murdering each other. And the HVAC.

I get to wear these Under Armour leggings and eat a vitamin-rich paste for every meal. We all get three Earth-year’s worth of radiation every day, so by the time we get to Mars we won’t have to worry about getting that out of the way.

They even said that when we get there we get to have our choice of career. Either Bauxite miner or skeeter swatter. Yep! That’s what they say! Skeeters are terrible on Mars.

My one concern is the atmosphere. On account of what that pamphlet said.

I am looking forward to decorating my dome with the rug, cactus and book that I brought.






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