The Paperback is proud to announce the official publication of the paperback edition of The Hapless Rube’s Apocalypse Survival Guide. 

This milestone in our publishing history is truly a monumental first, as it is the first book in the first series by the first author we have represented. An ebook version is still available, at the low low low price of $2.99. You can go ahead and download that, after you have ordered a few copies of the paperback.

img_0598Jack Barker is an award-wanting writer and apocalypse survival “expert” who decided to write a book to help all you slobs survive the end of days. Featuring invaluable information on an array of critical topics like figuring what kind of apocalypse is happening, how to loot effectively, what to eat, how to dress yourself, field medicine, and much more.

Learn from the “best” when the most important thing in the world (your life) is at stake.

Order a Copy!

Download today!


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