wrongtree.info was originally intended to be a blog maintained by my fake publishing company with the sole purpose of promoting my fake book (see previous posts). Due to the overwhelming response of the public (and the extra bandwidth left over in the shed) I have decided to expand the scope of this site.

Some computing chips. photo J.Plenio on unsplash

‘Round about a year ago during a real serious New England cold snap I was laid off from my home-building and remodeling job. I had been laid off from jobs before, and I had a crazy idea this time—instead of spending almost all of my winter downtime lying down and re-watching every season of Futurama two more times, I could use the time to learn something, such as skills. I could even use the time to learn skills that would help me make the jump to a new career, in a different industry, something I had been anxious to do, anyway.

I had some crazy ideas last winter. But it was really cold.

Very briefly: a year ago I was a carpenter, by mid-February I was a laid-off carpenter taking an online web development course, doing coding lessons on codecademy and starting on the web development track on FreeCodeCamp which led to a months-long sidetrack trying to understand JavaScript. Still not there. Then I enrolled in a nearby I.T. career training course from May through August, did an internship at an I.T. company through the program, then a brief spell of unemployment again, and then found a part-time job at a small computer repair shop. Now I’m enrolled in the Google I.T. Support Professional Certificate Course on Coursera.org, and working as a computer repair tech. Crazy! I also started reading WIRED. More on all of this later.

I’m going to start using wrongtree.info to start documenting my exciting life in the exciting world of technology, computers, coding (if easy), and technology-related stuff. It may not be the most interesting topic for all readers (computers, career stuff) but I need somewhere to keep track of all the stuff I’m trying to learn. Also, I probably need to get some writing practice in as long as I’m sitting at a computer for so much of my day. I was thinking I would start a new website or blog in order to practice coding but that plan needs additional research,* and, having already been delaying this documentation project for a year, I thought I might as well start with what I already have going.

I will file all these under the [restart] category.


*The most important (and crippling) area of research involves coming up with a name for this new website project. As anyone who followed my music projects by accident will remember some several years spent, in lieu of practice, coming up with notebooks full of potential band names and album titles and song titles that were all tossed around and pondered and then discarded and then despised. At this point my technology blog name list involves taking a word and adding “.exe” to the end of it (“jackson.exe” for example) or making a pun related to an existing website, such as “jackoverflow.com.” At least there is “info” built into “wrongtree.info,” and there are some analogies in computer science about trees, like file “trees” I suppose. Oh well, close enough. Any suggestions are welcome, just remember that it needs to be a good name that catches the eyes of the hapless rube looking for affiliate links to click on. And yes, there will be affiliate links.

ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Dual-fan OC Edition VR Ready Dual HDMI DP 1.4 Gaming Graphics Card

Intel BX80684I78700K 8th Gen Core i7-8700K Processor

GIGABYTE Z370 HD3 (Intel LGA1151/ Z370/ ATX/ M.2/ Intel LAN/ ALC892/ HDMI/ Motherboard) 

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