Business Update – Affiliate Links

Dan's shedIf you recall some time back I mentioned that this site would, from time to time, and quite modestly, I might point out, deploy what are known as affiliate links. These are links to products that readers may click on—if they purchase something, I get a couple of cents.

I have not used any but the most basic text links, as those, in my opinion, are fairly unobtrusive. I take the time to make them all a very nice golden color, so that readers will know when they are presented with an affiliate link. (You were, just now. And it was a good one.)

This is as up-front as one can be in this terminal-capitalist age we find ourselves affiliating in. I like money, and I don’t like that.

I only mention this because today I got my first commission from an affiliate link—that’s right, an entire $0.57. (Yes, the zero and the decimal are in the correct place.) I know I’m ten or twenty years too late getting into this bonanza but I think some people still make an acceptable stipend from this kind of venture. Also, to be fair, there are thousands and thousands of people doing really important and interesting work (journalists, activists) with the patreon* model, where people get paid for doing things. I’m not one of those people, and if you feel like you should contribute to real causes then please knock yourself out.

I do not know who the purchaser was but it was for a children’s book. Not sure if I should feel better or worse about that. I guess its better than if it was for ammo or cyanide or something. Although I bet the cyanide industry is pretty generous with the commissions.

*Is it weird that the neo-Marxist podcast receives the most money on Well, maybe not.


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