Windows Update Problem & Peripherals

WindowsI was trying to update a new install of Windows 10 on a customer’s computer and just couldn’t get it to update. Part of this was my fault because I had used old (three months?) installation media. The other part was that Windows update is a crazy piece of crap.

Every time the update would download and need to restart, just like normal, and then would go to the installing blue screen and crash at 81%. The spinning dots stopped and everything.

There is a lot of crap online when it comes to update failure issues, especially when there is no error code, but I read in a few places that peripherals can cause problems. I’m not sure why this is, possibly because of driver issues?

I removed a couple USB receivers (can’t have too many wireless mice) and a SD card but it still didn’t work. Still hanging up at exactly 81%.

I ran a 5 hour RAM test with memtest86 and didn’t get any errors. We had already tested the HDD.

After some thought it occurred to me that the PCIe wireless card was peripheral. Hmmmmmmm…

I removed that, booted the machine and it started installing the updates. I held my breath at 81% but somehow it made it, jumping right up to 84%, then into the 90’s, and then completed.

I don’t know what that did but I guess I figured it out. Oh, and screw you, Windows.

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