Windows RDP Fails to Connect

Screenshot of a Windows RDP connection error message
The error connecting. Yes, the computer is on.

I’m learning about different remote access tools and decide to try Windows RDP between my two computers. Simple enough, right?

After trying and trying and failing to connect, I finally decide to read some documentation. I have adjusted firewall settings, granted and revoked and granted remote access, restarted, tried using the computer name, the IP address, seemingly everything.

Then I see that there is a Remote Desktop section in Settings. Hmmmm…

Turns out Remote Desktop is not available in my version of Windows 10 Home.

When in doubt, start by checking that someone doesn’t want more money.

Since all I want to do is access my home PC and maybe access files I’m trying out the Google Chrome Remote Desktop App. It runs right out of the browser and may be easier to setup for low-skilled users than something like TeamViewer or Splashtop.

It is working great so far, no dropouts and minimal latency–I’m installing an Ubuntu VM on a computer that is almost four feet away from me! Great use of my time!

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