#NetNeutrality Has Ended*

Today, the people of the United States lost the right to a free and open internet. The FCC no longer will consider it. Our leaders have failed. Again. We now no longer have a right (and most will lack the ability) to access information which has not been censored, blocked, or throttled in any way. Net neutrality meant that Comcast couldn’t charge you more to use Netflix or Wikipedia. Or use email.

We’re on our own now.

Net neutrality may not be gone today. I *have a friend* who uses Bit Torrent and it still exists and seems to be working. What has changed? ISPs are going to continue their march towards full monetization of the internet.

Here’s a real gem from some asshole running for the Senate:

Perhaps Mr Petersen could name a time when less regulation and competition resulted in a better product or service or more innovation. I’m not asking you prove the theorem, or whatever, just, like, name one single time. One.

*Except in Washington state.

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