Welcome! And thank you for accidentally clicking on wrongtree.info. This is the internet rental property of Jack Barker, the award-wanting writer and author.

The media empire grew so large I needed to build another shed.

Here is where you’ll find all the exciting news of my exciting “career” as an exciting writer. Here you will find announcements of new works (if any), publication dates (TBA), and the surely numerous book tours and signings ($10/signature, please).

I’m still kind of working out the architecture of this site and how to organize the “contents,” as they say in Cyber. I also am trying to figure out what SEO is. “Cyber” starts with a “c” so I know that’s not it.

I may also be posting news things I find important, some book reviews, who knows…

Turns out,  I am also going to pursue a career in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. That means I am going to try to blog about it. And THAT means I have haphazardly integrated that endeavor to this site. So yeah, here we go. Tech news, I.T. career stuff, why I like computer stuff. My own personal notes kept in one place. Some affiliate links? (Please oh please!) [restart] category for all your technology news.

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@blindjackbarker on Twitter and Instagram

@thehaplessrube on Facebook and Instagram

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email any complaints to wrongtree.info@gmail.com


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