Largely undiscovered/unpublished/unsealed by the court.

The Hapless Rube’s Apocalypse Survival Guide by Jack Barker – April 2016 – eBook by Jack Barker

Worried about what you’ll do after the Apocalypse? Yeah, you should be! Well, worry no more, friend! Jack Barker (the “Dave Barry” of his “generation”) is an award-wanting writer and survival “expert.” Here he has written the definitive guide to the End Times to help all you slobs out there survive in comfort and style. Each chapter covers a critical topic related to surviving the apocalypse—and even thriving afterwards! You’ll learn how to identify which kind of apocalypse is happening, where to safely cower, how to loot burned-out stores, how to dress yourself, how to butcher wild animals and much, much more. Don’t be caught in the End Times without this survival guide. Enjoy all the practical advice and crude language. You’ll be sure to thank Jack for “saving” your “life.” (Contact the author for information on buying the film rights.)